Latest issue of Us Weekly has a 3 page article on Scarlett Johansson trying to get back together with Ryan Reynolds. Apparently she feels like a dumbass after getting f-cked over by Sean Penn and needs someone comforting and safe. Their divorce just became official a month ago but the magazine cites sources close to Scarjo who say that she’s been all over him for weeks, trying to hook up a reconciliation, conveniently just as it was revealed that he’d been seeing Charlize Theron. Yeah. We’ve all been there. When I was 18, I broke up with someone so vile I couldn’t say his name. Then when I found out he was seeing someone else, I called him up and had to have another go, which lasted maybe 2 weeks because, like I said, he was vile. And then he stalked me up at university and drunkenly tried to break down the main door of the student residence. A few months ago he found me online and sent an email to the general mailbox, something like “Hey Sweetheart...blah blah blah”, and after all these years, I still almost threw up just, like, remembering. With the exception of 3 people, everyone I’ve ever dated is disgusting. Truly, truly gross.

Scarlett Johansson probably doesn’t find Ryan Reynolds gross. I mean, if she could with Sean Penn, there is no way she’d find Ryan Reynolds gross. As for whether or not Ryan wants a second shot with his ex-wife, well, he’s certainly available. According to Us, it’s now over between him and Charlize because she was ready to get really serious and he thought it was a summer fling. They say she didn’t take it well. Er, she’s a bitch. She doesn’t take anything well. There’s more to this though than what we know right now. I’ve a feeling there was a lot going on with Charlize that became too real for Ryan.

All this of course just as Ryan is back in theatres with Jason Bateman this weekend in The Change-up. The reviews are terrible. And it’s going up against Rise of the Planet of the Apes which is, surprisingly, getting really good reviews. Have you seen the promo below though? I can’t help it. They’re really cute together. I like it when they take a shot at the competition. And of course when they talk about grandma. Just me or is Ryan is really, really tanned in that white suit?

Attached - Jason and Ryan doing the talk show circuit in New York this week.

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