What did I tell you about the kind of man who wears these kinds of caps? It’s a douche cap. And Nate Naylor, better known as Scarlett Johansson’s boyfriend, sounds - and looks - like a douche bag.

According to Gawker, Nate was at a bar in December where he ran into his ex-girlfriend and her current partner. Nate greeted them by putting his fist into the dude’s face. Which...violence is wrong...but maybe he had his reasons? Maybe the guy beats up girls like Chris Brown?

But then...

Instead of backing up his punch, Nate scurried away to a bathroom and locked the door. Security had to “coax” him out and escort him off the premises.

Well now that, that is a Bitch Move.

What kind of a bitch runs away and hides in the john after initiating a fight?

And this is who she’s frolicking in Hawaii with in front of the paps? Like, Casper Smart is starting to look good next to Naylor right now, you know what I mean?