Now here’s a girl who certainly has some potential. Intriguing actor, a growing respectable resumé, original and risky fashion choices, delicious body, not over exposed, and definitely NOT saddled with a child star transitional curse. Check out Scarlett doing her duty for Reebok, a new collaboration that will see her designing “fashion-forward, athletic-inspired footwear and apparel signature collection debuting in spring 2007 at high-end department stores and boutiques around the world.” So… just for fun, let’s chart the success-off between Scarjo and Lilo, shall we? Golden Globe nominations: Scarjo 3, Lilo 0 BAFTA Awards: Scarjo 1, Lilo 0 Louis Vuitton Campaigns: Scarjo 1, Lilo Pro Active Campaigns: Scarjo 0, Lilo 1 Multi year shoe contract with major manufacturer: Scarjo 1, Lilo 0 Now is there any wonder why Lindsay’s threatened? PS. From what I"ve heard, she and Josh Hartnett have not broken up, despite whatever spell Wilmer V laid down over the weekend. Photos from Hollywood’s Best