Inconceivable but true…

Charles in Charge…don’t lie, don’t tell me you didn’t watch at least one episode and that once upon a time Scott Baio wasn’t your boyfriend.

So now he’s in his 40s, I can’t bear to look at him, but of course he has a new reality tv show and of course he was promoting it on Howard Stern yesterday and OF COURSE Howard made him talk about sex and of course he obliged.

Hard to believe now but back in the day, Chachi was the man. Chachi was master poon, before George Clooney, before Colin Farrell, before John Mayer had the audacity to ask girls if he could pee on them, Scott Baio was a regular at the Playboy Mansion and he says he was bedding at least a playmate a month, to the point where the organisation had to call him up and ask him to slow down.

On the show yesterday, Scott also listed and ranked his past conquests and even though he says his, um, member is underwhelming, he has managed to nail some pretty high profile Hollywood babes, including Heather Locklear who he said was the lay of a lifetime and also Pamela Anderson, Nicolette Sheridan, and even Denise Richards. But the best part?

He rated Denise a 3…and Liza Minnelli – yes LIZA!!! – a 7??? Probably because Denise was too busy asking him how much money he had.

Apparently Liza at 49 had a hot body. And was 4 grades more satisfying than Denise.

Do you love it or do you love it?

PS. Am including my favourite photo ever - Liza"s wedding. Tell me this isn"t a classic!

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Thanks Emily R!