A few weeks ago I posted about the Han Solo casting long list – click here for a refresher – and the names that were being considered. Apparently they’re looking for a 20-25ish young Han. Variety reported yesterday that there’s now a shortlist. Here it is:

Miles Teller
Ansel Elgort
Dave Franco
Jack Reynor
Logan Lerman
Emory Cohen
Blake Jenner

Of all these actors, my favourite is Emory Cohen, from the film Brooklyn. I love that movie. And I loved him in it. But the one I can see as probably the frontrunner is Miles Teller. He has that naturay easy, arrogant swagger about him.

But wait. There’s one more name on the list I haven’t mentioned yet:

Scott Eastwood

Yes, the same Scott Eastwood that we named as one of the Worst of 2015 – click here if you missed Maria’s post in December.

You know, the guy wanted to brag about being jacked on the cover of a magazine so he posts a “sheepish” photo of himself on social media humbly buying a copy at a convenience store.

You know, this guy, with this face:

And this, same, face:

That face could be Han Solo. So, basically, they want Han Solo to be a garden variety frat boy who can’t get it up because he did too many keg-stands. Basically they want me to hate Han Solo.