Dlisted informed me it’s Scott Eastwood’s 30th birthday today. And in his infinite brilliance, Michael K posted a not at all douchebaggy photo of Scott to celebrate the occasion. Click here to see.

But we’ve had some great Scott Eastwood news lately. Last week we learned that they’ve narrowed the Han Solo list down to three. And that Scott is not one of the three…which is sweet relief. I don’t know about you but my Han Solo doesn’t make faces like this:

Scott was out at a tennis event this weekend at Indian Wells. He was seated next to Caggie Dunlop. She’s a British former reality TV star (who looks like Maggie Grace). The UK press are trying half-heartedly to make this something but even they sound like they lost interest midway through the article. I’m actually surprised that he and Kaley Cuoco haven’t happened yet. Or Rita Ora.