Scott Eastwood was on Good Morning America today promoting Suicide Squad. In which, according to Sarah’s review, he is completely useless. He was eating before the interview. So he had to have his teeth checked. This face? The face he’s making while getting his teeth checked? It’s not far from his trademark douche-bro face. This is that face:


Wedding season!!! Congrats david and katie. Had a great time last night. So happy for you two.

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But this one isn’t much better:

Or this one:


@culvernation he's a keeper!!!Throwback to sushi dinner my house. #killwhatyoueat #eatwhatyoukill

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Basically Scott Eastwood is incapable of not looking like a total f-ck. What is this face?!?


Day 3 in NYC. Good Morning America!!!! What a fun morning. @suicidesquadmovie #aug5

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By the way, the Suicide Squad UK premiere is happening right now in London. I don’t see Scott there. I imagine he’d tell you that that’s because he’s too busy with all his important movies. But still. HAHAHAHAAHAHA.