Friday Night Lights – are you watching? I hope you’re watching. Because after a slow start, this season is just as great as the last. Like all teams shaking off the off season rust. Still the most perfect show on television.

With the most perfect cast of leading men. Damn!

I prefer Kyle Chandler myself. Loins respond in quiver every time he twitches his lips.

Many of you however are all over Taylor Kitsch, especially since he can’t go an episode without taking his shirt off. Still others prefer the QBs though my favourite after Coach is The Smash. The Smash is The Hilarious.

Too bad there’s never enough FNL love on the red carpet or the party circuit. But hopefully a sign of change and things to come.

Attached – Scott Porter and Zach Gilford at the opening of the new Koi in Vegas last week. Poor things look like they’re still wearing clothes from show wardrobe. Seriously, when will FNL start getting your love??? When???

photos from Splash