Interview with Jason Street (Scott Porter) on Friday night at the Friday Night Lights party which, sorry to say, really, really sucked sh*t.

What sucks even more sh*t is that is that it sounds like NBC is ready to pull the plug. Radar asked NBC Entertainment boss Ben Silverman about FNL and he not-so-subtly confirmed that 30 Rock and The Office were the network priorities – two high quality shows backed up by numbers – and that viewers would do well to focus on those shows instead.

Unfortunately, no one is watching Friday Night Lights. And if NBC can’t make money, it won’t continue to sustain a sinking ship. Especially when some idiot-proof show like Deal or No Deal, or even those f&cking dumb ass weight loss programs cash in much more than one of the most critically acclaimed dramas on television.

Don’t blame Ben… but do blame the viewers. Blame the fact that good taste is dead and the collective IQ is dropping.

So shall we enjoy it while we can? There is one more new episode of FNL this season and Scott Porter gave me a spoiler…


Friday’s episode will end with a cliffhanger. The cliffhanger involves Jason Street. Something Jason did earlier this season will come back to haunt him. I’m repeating what he said verbatim: something he did earlier will come back to haunt him.

And then we fade to black… there may never be another new episode. Ever.

As for what Scott Porter is like in person – cuter than I expected. Maybe 5 ft 10. Max. Looks good in pants. Dating a generic looking blonde. And so sweet. SO sweet. A genuinely nice guy. Was also willing to go there. We talked about Taylor Kitsch. I asked him about TK not washing his hair for the “role”.

He laughed and said it had nothing to do with the role. He said it was TK’s choice and that that was the joke on set – that while TK insists it’s part of the character, everyone else good-naturedly teases that he kinda goes overboard. He also addressed TK’s now superhunk status without any trace of jealousy.

We talked for what seemed like ages. Am having trouble remembering it all. Except for the bad parts. Bad as in offensive. So if you’re uber-sensitive you may want to stop reading.

Jason/Scott and I discussed his friendship with Herc. Love Herc. He said he really enjoyed their dynamic too. I commented that Herc needs his own show. Then Scott agreed and suggested that it be called: the Quad Couple.


At the end I asked him about the John Mayer connection: Jessica Simpson or Minka Kelly? He emphatically answered Minka all the way.