Scott Speedman has buzzed it all off, seen yesterday on the set of a new movie called Funny People. It works on him, his hair is thick enough, but I l prefer it the way it was when I saw him in Cannes in May – suits his personality. Like a major stoner.

Our interview with him was right after I broke my arm and I was still wearing my ugly Velcro sling. He asked me what happened and I told him about the surgery. His first question after that was: you probably have some great painkillers. I said they weren’t bad. Then he asked me if I had any on me.


You are welcome to your own interpretation.

Oh and I can’t believe I missed this one… blame it on the arm. Scott and Lindsay Lohan shared a ride together one night towards the end of the festival. Wonder if they hooked up…or just coked up?

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