Best thing that happened at the SAGs?

Angie and Tilda are BFF! More on that later.

God I miss Joan Rivers on the red carpet. Joan Rivers wouldn’t ask Meryl Streep, “What kind of actress are you?”  And if she did, she’d specify that in terms of nudity and trailer size. I mean, I work in television, I get it that there has to be a certain amount of mega dick-sucking that happens at these events, but this... this is beyond egregious.

Some of them handled it well, and hilariously. Others allowed themselves to be leied. Oh, hi George Clooney. How will you be spending the next 3 weeks? More importantly, how hard will Stacy Keibler be working the next 3 weeks?

Jean DuJardin just gave Gary Oldman and Brad Pitt a lot of hope. The Brange has already pulled the marriage card to increase their chances. Now that they smell a Clooney weak spot, oh my God, they might actually offer us their womb. SO much Pitt Porn last night, did you see?

And you thought this campaigning was too much already? Now that it’s a race, it’s about to get even more. Extra.

This would be one of the few times I’m onside with Harvey Weinstein. Please. Please Harvey, start securing and trading whatever you can to ensure The Artist. ANYTHING BUT THE HELP.