The Writer’s Guild will be picketing the Golden Globes this year and if a resolution is not hammered out by then, few – if any – actors will be crossing the line to attend the awards. The Screen Actors Guild however just announced their nominees today. Given that the SAG has long been supportive of the WGA, it was no surprise when it was revealed that it had reached an interim agreement with the WGA allowing writer’s to write for the event and opening the door for nominees to gussy themselves up and make a splash on the red carpet…which means that if a deal isn’t reached within weeks of the new year, the SAGs just might be the only awards excitement of the season.

As such, today’s nominations become even more interesting…

Shockingly enough, the SAGs chose Sean Penn over Johnny Depp, breaking with current momentum and shutting out Sweeney Todd in favour of Into the Wild. Emile Hirsch joins George Clooney, Daniel Day-Lewis, Ryan Gosling, and Viggo Mortensen in the Best Actor category, and at this point, it’s safe to say Clooney and DDL are locks for Oscar nods come January when they are unveiled.

Seems George was right to push back Leatherheads so as not to interfere with his campaign. Will the Academy throw Johnny into the mix for a 3 way race? And if so, who gets dropped? Will it be Viggo or Ryan Gosling? The Academy certainly wouldn’t want to offend Penn by getting rid of Hirsch and insulting Ryan and Viggo (for them anyway) is a small price to pay to keep Sean happy…

On the ladies’ side, Cate Blanchett earned 2 SAG nominations for The Golden Age and I’m Not There. Bless SAG for remembering Julie Christie in Away From Her in the Best Actress Category directed by Canadian Sarah Polley. My girl Marion Cotillard, Angelina Jolie, and Ellen Page for Juno round out the rest of the field.

And if you’re looking for a wonderful holiday movie this year, please do see Juno. Juno is delightful. And Ellen Page has arrived. Which is why she is being talked about as the Oscar favourite of the moment while the other heavyweights cancel themselves out.  And she"s Canadian!

The race begins!