What do Anna Wintour and Sean Avery have in common? Besides living in New York?

Anna hates fat people. Sean Avery hates fat people.

For those of you who aren’t following the NHL playoffs, Sean called Martin Brodeur “fatso” the other day after his Rangers defeated the Devils in the first round.

All class.

And now he’s bringing his class to Vogue this summer. Sean apparently loves fashion…so much that he wrote Anna Wintour a letter asking for a job. He’ll be interning at Vogue during the off season – pouring coffee, stapling things, taking notes. So they say. In reality, he’ll be f&cking one of the fashion editors in the copy room by Independence Day before moving on to accessories immediately after.

But if anyone can put that son of a bitch motherf&cker in his place, it’ll be Anna Wintour.

Let Xenu be with Montreal or Pittsburgh…

source Gawker