So Diddy was in NYC the other night, brought four people along with him to GoldBar when the girl at the door simply asked how many people were in his party. Fair question, right?

Apparently not. Apparently someone as important and influential as Sean Combs doesn’t need to answer to how many people are in his party. Someone like Sean Combs can bring a small village along and should be entitled to entry automatically.

Word is, Sean called the woman a f*cking bitch, unlatched the stanchion himself and walked right in.

This of course was the same man considered now solidly planted on the B List during his trip this summer to St Tropez. And those Riviera gossips can’t keep secrets either. Rumour has it, Diddy allegedly deals and dabbles in the fine powdery good stuff and allegedly has quite the temper when it comes to the ladies.

Needless to say, the fact that he has launched his own fragrance for woman totally makes sense.

Seriously…why would I want to smell the way Puffy likes it?