As I mentioned earlier, everyone is talking now, sharing insider information on how out of control she was before finally going to Promises. There are reports that her breakdown was not only rootedin her disappointment over the breakdown of her marriage to that loser f&ck but also her struggle through years of family turmoil exacerbated by her aunt’s death a few weeks ago. Apparently her mother has been pleading with her to slow down, to think of the boys, to pull her sh-t together, and every time, Britney would tell Lynne to mind her own business, isolating herself from those who genuinely cared for her and instead preferring the company of the party rats and opportunists who have hovered over her and her bare hoo hoo for the last few months. She was finally forced into treatment last week after a particularly destructive bender in New York but could not bear to be so far away from her babies and so she checked out of Crossroads in Antigua and flew back to LA. What sent her over the edge however was allegedly a phone call with Federline during which he threatened to test her hair for drug use in a motion to secure custody of Sean Preston and Jayden James. Stone and paranoid already, Britney obviously fell for the lame ass blackmail attempt, panicked, and shaved off all her hair. Looking at her bald head sent her spiraling even further. Sunday night her father, who has battled depression and addiction himself, sat her down for an intense heart-to-heart over dinner. The next day she was admitted to Promises where she is presumably and hopefully working to clean up her body and her mind. Cleaning out the trash that has been leaching off of her, however, is a different story. My sources say Lynne is on a rampage, rumour has it she had a heated telephone discussion with Larry Rudolph expressing disappointment in what she called his “enabling” of her daughter and laying down expectation that he do his part to purge her circle of the kinds of influences that contributed to Britney’s slide. While I’m told there is no shifting of blame – Lynne recognizing that Britney made her own choices – she also feels that Britney is too weak to be able to stay sober if she isn’t guided post-rehab by a heavy hand…similar to the way she was handled in her teens. According to my sources, she and Larry have long argued about how much space to give Britney and that right now, Lynne is insisting that Larry do his diligence in removing the excess from Britney’s life and secure it by the time she gets out. Will keep you posted. In the meantime, time to wax nostalgic. I’ve enough of her bald head and her bloat…even if the past will never, ever come back to bless us. Source and Source