What a miracle, non? All of a sudden, the divorce talk is dashed, we"re assured that they are indeed still "together", and ta da! Kevin and Britney show up with Sean in his arms, the picture of unhappiness and white trashiness - don"t you just love it??? Sadly…no. I don"t love it. I don"t love it at all. And I won"t even begin to try to elucidate the situation for you, other than to say that it"s not like we"re without precedent here. It"s not like women who are hurt and humiliated don"t stay with their husbands all the time, defending them even against the most rational, the most logical arguments. So does it make sense to spend hours analysing her expression in these photos and concluding that she"s miserable? No. Because it"s obvious. And no matter how wretched she looks she still ain"t leaving his sorry ass any time soon so really, what is the point? I prefer to focus instead on their legendary babymaking skills. Kevin"s prowess in this department is already well known. He has, after all, spawned 3 and a half children from two different women - and when you consider the latest progeny was conceived during a time when a woman is at her least fertile, you really do have to marvel at the impressive conditioning of his spunk, spunk that is clearly as insistent as Kevin is shameless. Who else could produce such ambitious sperm? However - it is the combination of his greedy swimmers with her indiscriminate eggs that is truly awe inspiring. Why is it that rats and fleas can proliferate so easily while others have to work so hard with so few results? What could possibly be the Goddess"s divine purpose for blessing us with so many Federlines and so few Jlo"s? Forget the DaVinci Code y"all. THIS is the riddle that keeps me up at night.