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The best party was a party for the randoms. Aritzia on Bloor Street Monday night – we had the best time. Jena Malone showed up, so did Gus Van Sant (???). Also the dude from Entourage who plays Harvey Weingard, based on Harvey Weinstein. So I was a little drunk when I asked him to swear and spit. Don’t hate. And Paris Hilton promised to show but she landed late that night from LA, dressed head to toe in Aritzia, clearly her favourite Canadian store. Ebola to infect Aritzia? Beware next time you head into one.

Next…In photos, I’ve never found Petra Nemcova particularly earthshattering. She’s a model, she’s beautiful, big friggin’ deal.

Petra in person? Totally different story. Petra in person is ridiculous. She walked on to the carpet at OnexOne last week and I thought I was having visions. Don’t know why that quality doesn’t translate in images because I’m looking at images of her right now and it’s not there – like the camera can’t capture her “it”. But I’m telling you…that “it” is stunning. She arrived and there was a collective gasp. My knees went weak a little. I could not stop looking at her.

And neither could anyone else. The photographers went bananas, more bananas for her than for the bigger names – like Matt Damon, like Ben Affleck. You can’t see a woman like Petra and not want to aim and click away, you know?

Especially if you are of the straight male persuasion, like my cameraman colleague Dylan. Dylan is shameless. To know Dylan is to love Dylan. And Dylan loves women. So there’s Dylan, shooting Petra, shooting her up and down, and … ahem… growling into his camera. It sounds kinda pervy, I know. And it kinda is. But in that moment it was also kinda apropos. The woman is just that hot. And James Blunt is a f&cking tool.

Scott Speedman – ran into him a few times over the festival. Super low key and super super hirsute. Doesn’t look like he’s shaved since I saw him at Sundance. Scott is the sweetest. Spoke to him at the Weirdsville party at Marben on Wednesday…

Marben has a funky little private room downstairs that was roped off for VIPs. For the most part he stayed close to his table without requiring any special handling. Was happy to talk to anyone who approached him, obliged for photos, was friendly and humble. And he remembers people too. I walked by him on Bloor Street the next day, he smiled and waved. I’m told he’s like this with everyone. A genuinely, genuinely nice person.

Sean Penn… I think I get it now. Why so many women have been charmed by his bad attitude. Why Madonna loved him for too long, why Robin Wright continues to do so. Because in the flesh, face to face, there is something terribly sexy about that surly bitch. It helped that he was in good spirits, it helped that he was in the mood to talk about his new movie Into the Wild, and right up close I smelled a trace of cologne, mixed with some hard liquor, and a very recent cigarette. Not repugnant…but just a tease of a naughty night to come. Yum.

Also yum – Kevin Bacon. Have always loved the way he struts. He still struts. He strutted into our eTalk Lounge 5 minutes early for his interview wearing skin tight jeans and a blazer – manorexic thin but quiverating as all hell, and totally down to business to promote his latest Rails & Ties. And though the lines in his face are deeper and his skin more weathered, his eyes more weary, Kevin Bacon seems timeless to me. Why doesn’t he have an Oscar yet?

And why do women still lose their sh-t over Chris Klein? Seven years ago? Maybe. But now? Seriously… I don’t get it.

Thursday he was on junket rounds for New York Serenade – the most uninteresting man you will ever speak to in Hollywood. I was bored as soon as he walked in the door. Half the time you want to fall asleep, the other half you want to slap him. Because he looks as annoying as he sounds.

Look at him. Is this a grade 3 school photo or is this the smarmy goody goody aw shucks “friend of the family” who shows up for a first date and promises your ma and pa he’ll bring you home by 11? And still there were girls waiting in line to have their photo taken with him. WTF???

That’s my hand holding up that mic in his face by the way. And since the movie is called New York Serenade, we talked about serenade songs and of course he had to drop some cheese about finding out which song was my favourite and learn it to perform the perfect serenade and it was all I could do not to roll my eyes and have my ass kicked by my producer standing right behind me. No wonder Katie Holmes was such easy prey for the GMD. I’m telling you…there really wasn’t all that much keeping her around.

And finally…

Ten days worth of mayjah celebrities and to tell you the truth, I was surprisingly most excited to see Roger Ebert.

He attended a screening of Rails & Ties at the Hazelton on Thursday afternoon. I walked into the screening room and saw him sitting at the top by the corner. Roger is recovering from cancer. He’s not pretty to look at right now but he’s the most beautiful thing ever. And I know that’s a super corny thing to say but take it from this amoral bitch – you can’t look into his eyes, wide with enthusiasm, still a movie lover after all these years, brimming with optimism and excitement, and not be charmed.

He can’t speak but he can write up a storm. So many people approached him to chat, to offer well wishes, he greeted everyone by writing down his responses and holding up his discussion card. I wanted to offer my admiration too but was too intimidated… by Roger Ebert!!!

It’s kind of amazing, non?

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