Disaster ensues wherever it goes. Hollywood Ebola Paris Hilton has no mercy and her success rate is virtually unmatched among diseases. And while she may be an heiress no more, she is and will always be a dirty virus, killing everything in her path, growing stronger with every victim.

Once upon a time not too long ago, Sean Penn supposedly f*cked Paris in Miami after a wild night of partying. Now Robin Wright is leaving him…

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Apparently there is some drama surrounding the date the petition was filed. He submitted the paperwork first, then withdrew, then she made her request official.

Word is she tolerated his straying with straying of her own, that it was an arrangement that worked for both so long as the dalliances were minor and brief. Until now. Rumour has it she’s fallen in love with someone else. Totally infatuated. Like high school infatuated. Will keep you posted.

Here are the Penns during happier times at the Spirit Awards last February. It’s really too bad. They made a sexy, sexy couple.

Photos from Splash