Josh Brolin was ignored by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for a Golden Globe nomination but he did receive the Best Supporting Actor honour from the NY Film Critics Circle and was recognised by the Screen Actors Guild which certainly holds him in good stead when the Academy announces its nominees on January 22nd.

The NY Film Critics Circle honoured its winners last night – Josh and Sean Penn gave each other some man love on the carpet as they celebrated together. Sean was named Best Actor. Hot, right? I like that they have matching hair. It’s cute.

What’s interesting about Sean Penn is that for all his posturing about art and integrity and anti-Hollywood phony bullsh-t, he would not mind at all, in fact he’d love to win a second Oscar. Which is why he’s been so well behaved. Very well behaved. Not only trying to stay out of trouble but actually more accessible, less surly than usual. Especially with the press. Everyone campaigns in their own way.

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