Last summer, Sean Penn showed up at Minka Kelly’s birthday dinner at French Laundry. It was about a month after Charlize Theron broke up with him. And there followed reports that he and Minka were dating. A month later he was spotted with Emmanuelle Vaugier so if there was actually something between him and Minka, it didn’t last. Or she went online and believed us when we told her he’s gross.

But then in January they were hanging together at a friend’s birthday party with some other celebrities. Click here for a refresher. And last night both Sean and Minka were at the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy gala, happily posing together for a photo.

Let’s play Photo Assumption, our favourite game of meaningless conclusions. I see his hand tentatively at her back, like he’s not sure if he should rest it there but maybe kinda wants to. He’s trying to smile which means he’s not enraged. She’s leaning into him but the expression on her face is pretty casual and also… kinda patronising? This is what I’d expect her to look like if some dumbass fan interrupted her at dinner and asked for a picture. Based on all these things, I’m hopefully concluding that she doesn’t want to have sex with him. You?