Wow. Robin Wright Penn the other night at the premiere of Into the Wild – she looks unbelievable, non? That body, those legs – love, love, love.

Am surprised their relationship has made it this far, this long. There have long been reports of volatile behaviour and there was some suggestion of straying on her part a few years ago…never substantiated. Still, most gossips are in agreement: they adore each other. Somehow it works.

And now that I’m on his bandwagon, after having smelled his sexiness up close and personal, I can understand why – they look great together, they probably feel great together.

As for Sean Penn – funny how someone who hates the media can conveniently massage the media so expertly when he wants to. The occasion of course is his directorial effort in Into the Wild – very, very, very well received during TIFF and is quickly gaining Oscar buzz, thanks in no small part to Sean’s willingness of late to play nice to the press, even agreeing to Oprah! Oprah and Sean!!!

The taped episode airs today, of course she greets him with a hug and a sickeningly sweet introduction, and it’s probably worth the full hour of your time just to see how uncomfortable he is on her couch.

As for the film itself – I hated the book. Correction: I couldn’t bear Chris McCandless. I couldn’t stand the character – the person. Having said that, the film is said to be much more sympathetic and all are in agreement that Into the Wild is Emile Hirsch’s big coming out party. When I asked Sean about Emile’s talent he told me that Emile’s role in this movie is more difficult than any role he himself has ever played. A brilliant bullsh-tter when he wants to be, non?