I interviewed Sean Penn at TIFF last year on the Into the Wild red carpet. I remember coming out of that experience enlightened re: his sex appeal. There is something about Sean Penn.

This year he is heading the jury. So last night he walked the carpet in a tux. And even though his hair is wonky, even though that two-tone looks like a hairpiece, Sean Penn is so f&cking cool that it really doesn’t matter.

Like if John Travolta was cool he’d be able to pull off the spraypaint hairline he insists on modelling. But John Travolta is not cool.

Sean Penn on the other hand… infinitely cool. He’s an arrogant, crusty jackass, but he’s still cool as sh*t.

Sean also showed up at the Blindness gala afterparty after the premiere not in the mood for photographers. Inside, he was less boisterous than he’s been in the past, perhaps saving his gas tank for what can be a punishing schedule…which is not to say he didn’t help himself and light up wherever he wanted. Because he did. Because he always does. Sean Penn will light up anywhere, as Ontario is only too familiar with.

Photos from Wenn.com and Splashnewsonline.com