Sean Penn went out last night in Rome. His date was Valeria Golino. They seemed close. Very affectionate. They have however known each other a long time. And lately his taste seems to be running a lot younger. So… your guess is as good as mine as to whether or not there’s something happening.

As for the rumour that he was f-cking Scarlett Johansson? It was denied by her people which, obviously, means nothing, but I believe it, perhaps naively, in this case if only because Scarjo’s taste runs younger too. And conventionally prettier.

Having said that, Sean and Scarlett do share the same intense disdain for the paps. Like more so than your average celebrity. They’re coupling would be explosive. Very good for gossip. I’m into it.

For now though, Sean’s attention at dinner is on Valeria. Can we talk about Valeria? Because she looks amazing. Do you remember her? From Hot Shots!? OMG I loved that movie so much. I remember it being the funniest sh-t ever. That was a long time ago. Actually it was 20 years ago. I wonder if I’d still find it funny now. The trailer is still funny to me. Is that bad?

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