Sean Penn spoke at a business conference last night in San Francisco. Then he went for a drink at the hotel bar where a fan, someone who was at the conference, tried to creep a photo. At which point this happened:

There has to be a more civilised way of doing this without resorting to damaging the person’s property. Which is what Sean Penn just did. He took the man’s phone and threw it on the ground after screaming “Do we look like f-cking zoo animals”?

Is it annoying to be creeped? I’m sure it must be. It’s also embarrassing for the creeper. I’ve seen people approach celebrities in the bathroom, interrupting their meal. This is gross. At the same time though, I’m not sure a violent outburst is the appropriate response. He might not be a “zoo animal” but attention is part of being a famous person, a job responsibility. They’re actors. THEY WANT TO BE WATCHED. And while having a fan surreptitiously take your picture might be, for some, the sh-ttiest part of the job, there are a lot of other benefits that balance that out, right?

Not for celebrities. The expectation is that it all has to be PERFECT and the way THEY WANT IT to their specifications. And THAT is what makes them zoo animals. Because only people who live the Hollywood life would actually ask for that kind of reality. How hard would it be to tell the person not to do it and buy them a drink instead?