Lolan is a longtime reader. LONG time. And Lolan was not happy with me yesterday:

Kellan Lutz bone to pick with you. Lainey, you really screwed your readers over by not including some sort of disclaimer with your "A Shirtless Career" post about Kellan Lutz. I clicked on the pictures not prepared for little chunks of vomit that came into my mouth involuntarily. Its bad enough I have to see his catalog cheese on CK billboards throughout NYC, but those pasty hairless pics you posted without warning sucked ass. But you can totally right this wrong by posting anything on Emmanuelle Chriqui :)

This is Emmanuelle Chriqui last night at the Season 7 premiere of Entourage. Maybe a little too much bronzer? The dress from the back however is the sex.

Also attached – other members of the cast including a short haired Adrian Grenier who was looking a little bloated a while back but when I saw him with his boys at the Chateau Marmont last Friday he was trim again, and hot, but also Ebola infected so f-ck him.

The trailer for the new season is below. Kinda sombre. Am intrigued.

Photos from and Tonya Wise / London Entertainment/