The second—and some say final—trailer for Captain America: Civil War was just released and it’s a continuation of what has been, so far, a stellar ad campaign. Last year, Disney kinda blew it with Avengers: Age of Ultron, not really doing a great job communicating the tone of the final film. With Civil War, they’re not taking any chances and this trailer really drives home the magnitude of the conflict. Yeah, we revisit the disaster-battles that always mark act three in Marvel movies, and all the implied loss of life therein. But the weight of the tone is greater in the personal interactions of these characters we know so well.

It’s in the way Tony flinches when Natasha warns him to watch his back, the way Tony looks when Rhodey is shot out of the sky, the way Cap gets up and says, “I could do this all day,” a call back to one of his first touchstone character moments. It’s the look on Tony’s face when he’s standing in what looks like a prison for superheroes, and Bucky’s face every time he picks up a gun. Civil War has big action set pieces, but it also pays off years of character building.

But there’s plenty of cool stuff, too, like Black Panther tackling the Winter Soldier off a motorcycle, and Hawkeye doing the thing with Ant-Man on one of his arrows, and Scarlet Witch like, melting Vision into a floor. And then the big reveal—our first look at Spider-Man 3.0, whom Tony Stark calls “Underoos”. Main impression? He’s bouncy and colorful, and he actually sounds like a KID.

Everyone’s going to lose their minds about Spider-Man, but for me, it comes back to that one line. I can do this all day. Tiny Steve Rogers first said it to a bully in New York, then later he repeated it to his first arch-nemesis, Red Skull. This is the line Captain America gives to bullies. And now he’s giving it to Tony Stark. See what I mean? Years of character building paying off in one line. Iron Man may not be a villain, but to Cap he’s become a bully. And we all know what Captain America does to bullies. If this doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what to tell you.