I LOVE these pictures of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber at the Laker game last night. Because obviously I’m obsessed with them, but also because of the Photo Assumption you can apply to Selena’s face when a young fan approaches for a photo. Adversaries come in all ages and sizes.

Selena and Justin were then asked to kiss for the camera.

Can you stand it? OMG I can’t stand it. If I was there I probably would have screamed.

Bieber was also on The Voice last night to announce the release date for his upcoming album Believe. It drops in June. And he revealed yet another preview from the Boyfriend video. How many previews do we have to see before this thing finally airs? The way he introduces it is ridiculous too:

The World Premiere of...

A clip!

But this is the generation, you know?

They need something, anything... constantly. Otherwise will they go in another One Direction? Hey, who am I to say that it’s not a workable strategy? Justin Bieber, as you all have conceded by now, is a big ass deal, maybe the biggest ass deal. Who understands his fanbase. Can you imagine if shows like Game Of Thrones, that take 10 month breaks to shoot new seasons, had to satisfy this fanbase? What would that look like? Every day a new photo of an incesty daughter. Or singing direwolves.