It’s not love until the love is validated on social media.

Selena Gomez and The Weeknd spent the weekend in Florence. They’ve been photographed holding hands, hugging, and kissing while visiting museums and having dinner. Click here and here to see the shots. As expected, many are comparing their Italian holiday to Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston’s who also had a romantic moment at a table for two. Can we just for a minute go back and revisit that?


Taylor and Tom in Italy. #TomHiddleston #hiddlestoners #swifties #taylorswift #Hiddleswift #hiddleswifties

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Taylor and Tom in Italy. #TomHiddleston #taylorswift #Hiddleswift #hiddleswifties #hiddlestoners #swifties

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The intensity on his face when he’s kissing her hand!

Bitch all you want about whatever you think/thought of that relationship. What you cannot deny is that it was GREAT for gossip. And we were all better for it!

As for Selena and Abel, in addition to the paps capturing these early perfect days of their love, they also can’t help themselves on social media. Here’s a shot of Selena admiring the art, or being the art, on his Snapchat:

And Selena posted this video of Abel on Instagram with a heart emoji, only to delete it later on:


@selenagomez : 😍 // @wwydjustinnn

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Posting and deleting used to be about regret. In this case, I’m not sure it’s regret and what there would be to regret. I wonder if deleting is now a new strategy for messaging. The messaging here being, Hi Bella!

In other news, both Selena and The Weeknd will be attending Grammy events in a couple weeks and according to TMZ they’ll be at Clive Davis’s annual pre-Grammy party together and The Weeknd has requested that he and Selena be seated next to one another during the Grammys broadcast. First official red carpet as a couple? Or will they be super precious about it and walk separately. I mean if you’re going to sit together inside and be on camera in the cutaways all night, you might as well do the carpet.