All smiles, here's Selena Gomez in California today hitting the gas station for snacks and smokes. Someone looks relieved she wasn't in Miami. Or, is that another emotion? Like, smug. Like, hey motherf-cker, this is why I broke up with you again last week. Yeah but are you getting back together with him next week? Because his managers will probably be begging her to put on a united front with him next week, just like that f-cking smile in that mugshot.

Did you see the CNN footage of him leaving the station? Strutting out of there, waving to fans, getting up on the SUV like a boss? We're watching this on a loop at etalk while we prepare our show.

Ok so if you're Selena, do you return his texts? Well, I'm 40 and my dumbass dating days (hopefully) are behind me. But they do go back. At any age, they go back.