Taylor Swift has been living her New York life, hanging with her New York friends – among them Karlie Kloss, the model. As you know, things have been strained between Taylor and Selena Gomez, supposedly over Justin Bieber and also Selena’s behaviour and habits.

And now Selena’s like, well I can be friends with a model, too! She was photographed today in Saint Tropez with Cara Delevingne. So while Taylor and Karlie are hitting the gym and baking cookies, good girls all the way, Selena and Cara are partying Euro styles on a yacht, a decidedly different vibe.

Here’s what Cara posted on Instagram a few hours ago.

“Healthy” is not an adjective I would associate with Cara Delevingne. And given what Selena went through earlier this year…

It’s hard not to worry.