Selena Gomez returned to LA yesterday after a couple of days in Paris. Looks like she got right on the plane after the Louis Vuitton show because she’s wearing the same top she was photographed in at the event. Justin Bieber was also in Paris. He was seen with one of those younger Kardashian sisters and supposedly that was a source of conflict. Which would make sense. I’m told they all trash talk each other all the time.

But the situation between Selena and JB was probably sh-tty before they even arrived in Paris. And I actually thought they could make it through an entire vacation in St Maarten without breaking up. Obviously I’m a f-cking idiot.

Check out this video that’s been circulating taken by a civilian at the St Maarten airport. Selena stalks out of the car first and dramatically drops her bag on the ground once inside the terminal. The body language is all kinds of pissed. JB meanwhile is taking his sweet time. When he finally emerges, they don’t acknowledge each other and head towards the gate.


If they both had commitments in Paris and taking the opportunity to hook up with one of her frenemies? A classic f-ck you play. Of course he would. OF COURSE he would.

More signs that they’re done again? She’s been tweeting:

Sometimes we think we aren't good enough. But then I realize when I think I'm alone I have God.

And this, which ended up getting deleted:

We have to learn the hard way sometimes.

How many times?

But, in these times, perhaps the most solid evidence we have that it’s over – she unfollowed him on Instagram.

So…after a month… Selena and JB are no more. That might be their longest “get back together”. Until next time? There WILL be a next time, right?