Dance-off imminent

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 5, 2012 21:00:11 July 5, 2012 21:00:11

Entertainment shows, magazines, and blogs have been on high alert for several weeks re: Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber and whether or not they’re breaking up. Click here for my last post about their fragile young love. There have been signs for a while now that we’re well past the midpoint of the relationship, heading rapidly towards its inevitable conclusion. They are children. Which means it cannot last forever. But they are children. Which means it has to end several times before it’s actually over. And that’s why no one’s pushed the “publish” button yet.

The closest anyone has come is TMZ. They reported today that Selena and Justin are “on the rocks”. Right now they’re together, but last week they weren’t, and then they wanted to make it work again. Here they are on Saturday, seemingly fine, eating ice pops like proper teens, in Van Nuys. SO cute.

Please don’t break up EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Or, as I pleaded last time, at least make it through the summer before you challenge each other to a dance-off. And when that happens, God, now that we’re in the age of instant video and Twitter, would someone f-cking get on it on camera??? It is one of the greatest tragedies in gossip that Britney and JT’s was never immortalised on film.


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