Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber went riding around on Segways yesterday near his home in Calabasas. I thought she was over this. You thought she was over this. TMZ thought she was (finally) over this. Clearly, she is not over this. Selena, as previously reported, recently announced that she’s taking a break; she cancelled tour dates in Asia and Australia so that she could “spend some time on myself”.

What is it about Justin Bieber that she keeps coming back? I can’t imagine there being anything about Justin Bieber that would make me so into it for this long. Is it because I’m old? Let me be really old right now and sh-t on this Segway business. Apart from the infirm, most people look like assholes on Segways. Not even Beyonce could look good on a Segway. And at their age? The hovering around 20 age? In peak physical condition? Even bigger assholes.