Selena Gomez was in New York last night for the Glamour Women of the Year Awards. That might explain the outfit. The outfit is SO old. And the hair too.


But apparently Selena is fronting like she doesn’t want Justin Bieber back, playing it like she’s all strong and independent and her friends are tweeting that she doesn’t need him. Meanwhile he’s singing Cry Me A River, not exactly the way JT intended it for Britney but more like “you promised me you’d never leave me so why did you leave me” styles.

OMG it sounds like JB is really hurting!

Is Selena so heartless? Or is she just making sure he doesn’t take her for granted anymore? Word is over the last six months they’ve been fighting a lot because he said she was too intense with the phone calls and the possessiveness. Fine then, I won’t call at all. I won’t check up on you at all. How you like me now?

You know, I wouldn’t queue overnight for Twilight. And I definitely wouldn’t queue overnight for an Apple product. But I think I might queue overnight if they were selling transcripts of Selena and Justin’s breakup iChat with access to the latest installments as they come.

The two may or may not have met up at her hotel the other night. And they may or may not have hooked up for dinner. If it’s a reconciliation, it has to be fragile...but I’m also not ready to post a retrospective. Do you think it will give me closure though?