There’s one more weekend. I mean I know officially, like, according to science and the almanac people, that summer’s not done until the Autumn Equinox but in spirit, we all know, summer ends after Labour Day weekend. And I only asked for the summer. That they make it through their second summer, Selena and Justin. After all, at that age, unless you’re Taylor Swift, can you ask for more than two summers?

Here are Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber out to see a comedy show on Saturday in West Hollywood. And I am feeling my age again, which happens often when it comes to these two, because I don’t understand what she’s wearing. This is apparently now considered casual summer attire as opposed to award-show appropriate.

Anyway, the point is now that we’ve made it through the summer, I’m totally ready to watch the play-by-play of their breakup on Twitter now. And this time at the breakup dance-off can TMZ be there? Whoever writes the scripts for these things, please proceed.