US Weekly was the first to report this weekend that Selena Gomez and One Direction’s Niall Horan were hooking up at Jenna Dewan and Emmanuelle Chriqui’s joint birthday party. E! sources also confirm that the two were all over each other at the club, dancing close, and kissing at one point. Also they left together.

“Which one is Niall?” is a question that you’re OK to ask here, in this safe space where teen assassins won’t pop up in your feed to yell at you for not knowing. He’s the blonde one. The one who’s not having a baby. The one who’s not tall with straggly hair and used to deal with Taylor Swift. The one who looks like your friend’s little brother who may or may not have creeped you changing in the bathroom. Baby faces attract baby faces?

Apparently this one’s been brewing for a few weeks.

But wait. Yes, of course Justin Bieber has something to say about it. Last week it was rumoured (falsely) that Selena was flirting with Todd Wilson of the Washington Capitals. The next day, JB posted a throwback of him and Selena on Instagram – click here for a refresher.

What do you think he did as soon as word started getting out that Selena and Niall were DTF? This.


Crazy throwback

A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Territorial is what it is, isn’t it territorial? Like a reminder, not only to her but to us. That there can’t possibly be Selena without Justin.

Here he is performing in London last night. What I said about your friend’s younger brother? The follow-up to that is when you come home from university and suddenly you don’t see him as a brother anymore and your friend is cutting her eye at you at the dinner table.