And it gets even cuter.

As I reported exclusively earlier today, Selena Gomez is in Vancouver shooting a movie called Ramona and Beezus. Duana is freaking out about this, as are many of you, because you loved reading these books as children. Duana is also seriously concerned that I never did. Chinese family, no exposure to it, and at that age, they were too busy making sure I’d be fully entrenched in our culture so that I’d never lose it as an adult. Have added to the list.

Anyway, Selena is Beezus and she’s filming in Vancouver and so is Taylor Lautner and this afternoon they popped into a coffee house downtown with her mom. That’s Selena covering her head, hiding behind a bodyguard, and that’s Taylor with the same bodyguard, both getting into a white SUV.

Mentioned earlier they’ve been on 3 dinner dates, once at the Spaghetti Factory and I’m also told another time at The Keg – it’s a steakhouse chain here in Canada.

He also pops in to see her at lunch break when he’s not being a wolf in Twilight/New Moon.

Seriously adorable.

PS. Taylor is now 17 – had hundreds of twi-hards yelling at me about it because I wrote 16 earlier. 17, he’s 17.

Exclusive photos from
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