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So young and already learning how to navigate the Hollywood landscape.

Last week I reported exclusively that Taylor Lautner broke up with Selena Gomez. Click here for the details. TRUE.

Taylor’s final day in Vancouver was May 22nd. He was supposed to spend time with Selena in the two days leading up to his departure. She waited for his text. He did not text, he did not call. After returning to LA, they messaged each other once. And then it was done.

Under pressure from studio and family, urging him to focus on career and to not be so visible with a girl so as to keep teen hearts beating, Taylor was asked to cool it. And so he did.

Selena handled herself beautifully. No hysterics, no drama.

But when my story broke though, you can imagine, Taylor’s camp did not look good. Selena was called on set in Vancouver. The phones did not stop ringing. My sources say Taylor’s people accused her of damaging his reputation and wanted Selena’s people to make it right, to protect his sweet image. So here you have it – a yogurt outing in LA with the paps invited to come along.

When in doubt though, especially with this generation, well, look to Twitter. They can’t help themselves. Which in this case helps us.

Earlier this week, Selena posted a telling little remark on her Twitter. I’ve attached a screencap here just in case for some reason it gets removed. The tweet reads:

“A man who does not think for himself does not think at all.”

How long before she deletes it? Depends when they read this.

Yesterday news broke that Chris Pine ditched Audrina Patridge because his reps felt it was damaging his ascending star. Chris Pine is almost 30.

At 16 and 17, Selena and Taylor are already playing the game. Very, very well.

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