Selena & The Weeknd: Valentines and Birthdays

Lainey Posted by Lainey at February 15, 2017 19:02:17 February 15, 2017 19:02:17

Selena Gomez was in New York yesterday for Fashion Week. She’s an ambassador for Coach so she sat front row beside Anna Wintour. Which is why she and The Weeknd apparently celebrated Valentine’s Day early, on a yacht in LA on the weekend. There was kissing and cuddling on deck. A private chef prepared dinner for them. And The Weeknd was seen smiling at several points during the evening. I mention this because, as I’ve mentioned before, in all the times that I’ve seen him at events, the smile is not part of the persona. Click here to see the photos.

In addition to all the yacht romance, Selena also reportedly paid $30K for Abel’s birthday party at Dave & Busters even though she wasn’t there because of her commitment to Coach. Abel’s birthday is tomorrow. And of course there have been all kinds of reports about how serious the two are getting and taking their relationship to the next level and...well… pretty f-cking oblivious to Lonely Boy over here.


This one:

Why is no one telling him this sh-t is making him look like a f-cking loser?

Maybe he waiting for some lyrics. Last night Nav dropped a new song called Some Way featuring The Weeknd. The Weeknd has some words:

Think your girl fell in love with me
She say my f-ck and my tongue game a remedy

Meant for Justin Bieber? Doesn’t matter. Even if they weren’t meant for JB he will take them as meant for him. He’ll take it as diss track, a shot at his manhood. Boy Sh-t is the Best Sh-t.

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