Selena Gomez and The Weeknd were out in LA together last night at Dave & Busters with friends including French Montana and Jaden Smith. They left at 3am holding hands and got in the same car to go home. E! News has the photos locked until tomorrow and how could I wait until tomorrow to post about this?!?

It’s been two weeks since news first broke that Selena and Abel are checking each other, resulting in petty girl sh-t between Selena and Bella Hadid and petty boy sh-t between Abel and Justin Bieber and accusations about Selena using Abel for her career. This obviously hasn’t deterred them from whatever it is that they’re doing, although E! says they’re not serious yet and just rolling casual for now. You know what stood out to me about E!’s report though? This paragraph:

Several of The Weeknd's friends were also spotted hanging with the hot, new couple, wearing jackets and sweatshirts promoting the Canadian singer's latest album Starboy as well as his record company, XO Records.

Well imagine that. Why is it that she’s supposedly using him but that no one’s talking about how he could be using her? The Weeknd makes great music…but that doesn’t mean he’s as famous as Selena is. Starboy came out months ago. And it’s a good album. Still, The Weeknd has never been more famous than he is now, now that he’s dating Selena Gomez. For Selena, though, we would have been interested no matter WHO she started hooking up with. It took Selena Gomez, however, for The Weeknd to make it into the gossip headlines.

As for Dave and Busters, it used to be a frequent Justin Bieber hang. He went there with Selena Gomez whenever they were more on than off. I remember he even got into a scrap at D&Bs once when a fan started taking video of him. You think he’s the kind of dude who’d send an angry text in the middle of the night all raged up like, “That was OUR place, how could you?!”