Selena Gomez was at the ESPY Awards last night. She wore red Dolce & Gabbana. You know what I’m starting to notice about Selena Gomez? I feel like every dress she puts on, no matter how different it might be, always looks the same, has the same effect. Why is this? I think I prefer her in casual clothes.

Anyway, Selena presented an award. Then she posed with Victor Cruz and Colin Kaepernick who… isn’t my favourite. His outfit should explain it but if not, there’s a lot of re-tweeting of compliments that happens on his Twitter. But that wouldn’t bother Selena Gomez. It’s not like she hasn’t been inured to obnoxious behaviour. And, well, she doesn’t look like she minds, standing next to two athletes, one who, I’m SURE, gets his share of strange. Especially not when Justin Bieber will undoubtedly come across these shots at some point today. JB is a constant cock measurer. While his on and off girlfriend is hanging out with roidy football studs, he’s still sulky that the rest of the world remembers him like this:

Still, muscle size aside, it’s the same swagger, isn’t it?

Dating an athlete is about as unfulfilling as dating a teen pop star.