When was the last time someone said “no” to Justin Bieber? When was the last time he was denied? That’s one of the problems of young celebrity. It’s why so many of them grow up so f-cked up. It’s because they’re never turned away, from anything. This is not reality. This is not life. This is poor preparation for life. This breeds little assholes. And for all Team Bieber’s insistence that he has structure and limits, somehow they found a way to bend and flex those limits to accommodate his purchase of a near million dollar Mercedes party van, a Ferrari, and countless other toys.

So how do you think JB is dealing with being rejected by his gf?

TMZ is saying that even though the two met in New York the other day for a relationship summit, Selena has now blocked Justin from texting her, calling her, iChatting her, however it is that they communicate, she’s thrown up a wall. And, apparently, she wants everyone to know about it.

Naturally, because now he can’t have what he wants, he wants it even harder. Or maybe those Victoria Secret models realised it would like making out with their younger brothers.

How will JB react?

Will he rent out a castle in Scotland, light it up with candles, scatter rose petals down the staircase, and play The Notebook from every monitor in the room as a grand romantic gesture to trump his renting of Staples Centre and Titanic in an attempt to re-be her boyfriend?

Or will he release a diss track with Chris Brown bragging about how a girl sat on his face?

Sh-t. When did the dance-off become archaic?