Here’s how it went down when I was in school:

The breakup happens.

I tell my friends and he tells his friends.

My friends tell his friends that I hate him and I’ll never forgive him. His friends tell my friends that he never did what I think he did and that he still likes me. My friends tell me that his friends told them that he still likes me and wants to get back together. I think about maybe getting back together. I tell my friends that I’m thinking about maybe getting back together. My friends tell his friends that I’m thinking about maybe getting back together.

It’s good to know it still works that way.

And it is apparently working this way between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. Bieber performed last week at the Victoria’s Secret Angels fashion show in New York. Then he went to the Lion King with a model called Barbara. Then Selena tweeted a photo of him with some dude and Barbara standing in the background. Click here to see. There was a meltdown. Selena fans were worried about her and Justin’s fans were anxious about him, and then PEOPLE confirmed that she was indeed the one who ended it because there are “some trust issues” because, I dunno, all the lingerie models went to see Justin’s concert in New Jersey and Selena showed up at LAX with a really sad face. God, it totally ruined everyone’s weekend.

But wait!

Yesterday TMZ reported that Justin isn’t sending teddy bears to any other girl and he wants Selena back!

A couple hours later though, Gossip Cop quoted a friend of Selena’s saying that it was done for sure...but that “you never know”...which...I mean ... that’s hope, right? That’s hope! 

Selena was really smiley at a promotional appearance at Kmart in New York yesterday. Maybe she’s feeling the strength from her fans to get through this really, really difficult time in her life. And I say this with no sarcasm. Breaking up at 20 is the END OF THE WORLD. It leaves residual pain forever.


Maybe she’s in good spirits because TMZ told her that Justin’s not ready to give up on their love.


If it’s not now, it’s later. It has to happen two, three, four times to stick, but it will stick. And when it does stick, does it stick amicably or does it stick ugly? With Britney and JT it was ugly. With Selena and JB, I think eventually it might be ugly too. If he’s trying to make her jealous on Twitter and she gets jealous because of what she sees on Twitter, there is very good chance it will be ugly.