The Weeknd had a few days off this week and he spent them with Selena Gomez in South America. After this weekend he gets a 3 week break before resuming his tour. Let’s come back to that in a minute. Selena last night was in New York for the premiere of 13 Reasons Why. The series launched today on Netflix. She’s one of the executive producers. I want to watch but I can’t get to it probably until next week, after S-Town. And all the other great TV. Peak TV is the new first world problem.

It’s been 7 years since Selena optioned the book rights from Jay Asher. Originally they were thinking of it as a movie, and she would star. As is so often the case in development, it evolved into a 13 episode series. Duana and I talked about this on Show Your Work a few episodes ago – how Peak TV is changing the way stories can be told and how this fits into the bigger story of Selena’s career. Optioning a book for a movie is a much different process than seeing the project through 7 years of transformation to the point where it’s now a 13 episode show on Netflix and you’re not even in it. It’s leadership training. And I'm interested in seeing how that looks on Selena Gomez going forward.

Going forward sometimes by going backward – Selena covered Yazoo’s Only You for the 13 Reasons Why soundtrack. Remember Only You? Obviously the original is the original…but I’ve always loved Selena’s voice, the texture of it. And this version is good. It’s nice today where I am, where it’s been nearly 24 hours of rain. And leading into the kind of weekend when you’d much rather stay in.


I liked her dress so much last night. The colour is spectacular. But… maybe overkill with the matching earrings and eye makeup?