Selena Gomez has had a strong relationship now with Louis Vuitton. Nicolas Ghesquire was one of the honourary co-chairs. Which is why I had no doubt she’d be wearing LV to the MET Gala. And, as I mentioned yesterday, since she said she and Taylor Swift were going together, I suggested that Taylor would be in LV too – click here for a refresher. So… when your best friend is Taylor Swift, and she’s the co-chair, and you both wear from the same house, do you step back and let your friend have the first pick? If that’s what happened, if that’s what Selena did, I love her for it. I really do. Because, as you can see, her outfit was not all that special. At first, I thought she was going through the airport, that’s how underwhelming it is.

But, again, I’m coming back to these LV booties. This is the third pair I’ve posted – after Michelle Williams and Alicia Vikander. Selena’s with the white laces? Dope. The booties bring the personality. The attitude. And the theme. Think of the old lace-ups women used to wear under their skirts in the time of Les Miserables, and now modernised with badass edge. Perhaps how Fantine would be if she’d lived in a time that was kinder to women. I would also like to shout-out her makeup, done to great effect to show off that beautiful skin. Maybe the best face she’s ever had on a red carpet.