A post-breakup playbook written for Taylor Swift.

She tells Letterman she is “so good”. And I believe her. It doesn’t seem forced, there is no try, and if there’s any bitterness, well then give her credit as an actor because she’s convincing us she’s over it, in a way that isn’t defiant or resigned. Instead, she’s funny. Quick and funny -- which, I mean, if you don’t believe me, believe him, David Letterman, because he clearly enjoys her attitude. A pound explosion from Letterman! Come ON.

She’s likable, right?

SO likeable.

And, though 3 years younger than Taylor Swift, seems more mature. This is helped too by her voice -- low, unsqueaky, sexy...

The most delightful personality has emerged from Selena Gomez after the JB split. Was it always there and he just kept it smothered, or do we actually have something to thank him for?