While Justin Bieber was fronting like he’s all big and bad in Orlando Bloom’s face last night, Selena Gomez was at the Hollywood premiere for her new movie Behaving Badly. It’s a bad title. It looks like a really bad movie. Maybe that’s why she seems so …uncomfortable?

Let’s play Photo Assumption and make some baseless suggestions about why she looks so clenched. Is it because JB’s swaggering off in Ibiza about how many models he’s f-cked? Or…maybe she just hates her outfit. I would if I were wearing it.

That’s the expression of someone who realises they should have listened to those doubts in the dressing room. Either that or it just wasn’t the day for it. We all have certain clothing items that only get taken out for a ride on our most confident days. I’m not sure this was one of her confident days.