I mean, you can even be pro-Aniston and agree with that statement.

Selena Gomez taped an appearance for Ellen that will air today. She talks about how Brad Pitt came to see her backstage at the MTV Movie Awards the other night because he wanted a photo. Turns out his kids watch Waverly. Which?

Pax? Miss Zahara?

When you have kids, there’s always a bigger star. Like in the Brange house, Selena Gomez is a bigger deal than Angelina Jolie.

Selena is super cute when she tells the story. It may have something to do with the fact that I love listening to her talk. She really does have a great voice and I will repeat this until you agree with me. After the Brad Pitt story, Ellen hilariously asks Selena about her breakup with Justin Bieber. And, just as she was on Letterman, Selena’s quick with a funny quip -- it’s sassy but not too mean, and most importantly, it’s FUN. She’s doing a very good job convincing us she’s over it. She also does a good job of convincing us that she’s not a total asshole. Yet.

Ellen remarks that Selena, as famous as she is, she still gets excited about meeting big stars. I liked her answer. You? Start at 1:20 below, although it’s not a long interview. The whole thing isn’t bad.

But one more comment before we go...

This is Justin Bieber’s latest Instagram post.

PS. Wasn’t feeling AT ALL what she wore to the Movie Awards. Way too harsh. And OLD.