The Golden Globe nominations are just three days away. And Jennifer Aniston is up against some very serious contenders in the Best Dramatic Actress category. As we’ve seen, she’s been hustling hard for award recognition. On Friday, she showed up at another Cake screening, this time at the Chateau Marmont, and Selena Gomez was there. So while her ex-boyfriend was showing off his new blondeness, she posed for pictures with America’s Sweetheart. And then Selena posted about it on Instagram:

That’s almost 19 million followers, so many of them of the social media generation. And Selena Gomez just told them to start talking about Jennifer Aniston’s Cake. That’s a new demo for Jen. So this is the recruitment strategy. And it’s not a bad one. Sarah and I were talking last night about how much critics matter. They don’t, really. Critics can sh-t on a movie and millions of people will still go see it. And those people are the ones who’ll keep tweeting about it and making it into a conversation. After all, Transformers was just submitted for Oscar consideration. Yeah. The one with Mark Wahlberg. In comparison to that, what Jen wants is hardly a surprise. So that’s what Jennifer Aniston’s hoping for. I’m not sure this is going to work because Cake isn’t exactly a vampire love story where machines come alive. But bonus points for effort, you know?