Well this is clearly a first world problem.

Selena Gomez was hospitalised late last week. The widespread joke was that Bieber had gotten her pregnant. She has since recovered and performed yesterday at Santa Monica Mall. When asked about her health, her answer:

"I was just very malnourished, so I was low on iron and exhausted."

Bieber took her to Swiss Chalet when they visited his hometown a couple of weeks ago. They serve food there. Like, roasted chicken. And potatoes. Also, she’s a celebrity. It’s not like she’s lying in the desert waiting for the UN to drop a bag of rice over her head. So... malnourished?

Are the parent pimps and the managers working her too hard? There’s a new album in the works, there’s a promotional push, the schedule is busy for sure. Too busy for an apple here and there? A sandwich? A slice of pizza? All the kids love to eat the pizza! No time for pizza?

Look, I’m just taking her words at face value. You tell me there was a malnourishment situation happening here, I’m going to follow up and ask why the nourishment wasn’t being delivered...

Or is she herself blocking the nutrition? I have called her a Forever Child before. And you can’t be a Forever Child if you grow womanly things.


A few years ago in Gossip, “exhaustion” used to be a thing. Like, people would work it the way you’d wear it. A pair of trendy shoes, or something. Everyone was doing the “exhaustion”. I wonder if it’s coming back.

Photos from Wenn.com